Falling In Love

The Moment You Fall In Love

There’s a light illuminating your surroundings, but in this moment it’s as if all the sunrises have come together to burn a mark on your heart forever. It rises in your throat like a tidal wave. It crashes between your thoughts and your veins. It makes you dizzy, uneasy, and a little bit crazy. It rises until you’re holding your breath because the sun is suddenly caught in your chest. You are burning through your skin. You are the fire. Your heart is your coal. And there’s only a desire to burn more.

In this moment it’s the only sunrise that every mattered, because it’s the first one you woke up to a life better than your dreams. It’s the only one that made you pray, pray for the sun to stay instead of running towards the blinds. You tear down the curtains that are covering your heart, and you open yourself up to the new beginning that is so bright it’s as if all the stars exploded in front of your sight.

It’s the moment that your fears were banished to a night you will never again face alone. The nightmares are hidden in the valleys of your heart that is now roofed with a newly lit hope. The trepidations that marked your footsteps disappear when you float on the air that this moment carries you in. Your anxieties, your worries, and all of your doubts are cast into the past where all the other sunsets lived.

In this moment it’s the dawn of your destiny, it’s the birth of your fantasy, it’s the onset of your everlasting end. This moment is the genesis that your soul has been waiting eternities for.

You’ve been waking up hundreds of days, oh how many hundreds of days, just for this one-day. This one-day. This is the day. It’s the day the sun rose and branded your heart. You are tattooed of truth and it is smoldering within you. You can feel your every inhale pulse of fumes that try to escape as smog in your respire. But you cannot battle the campfire that has set its torch to your heart. You let it kindle because you know it’s the light you’ve always wanted and never knew you needed.

You stoke your voice until it’s not just smoke that comes out. You hope that something charming comes of all your effort and you anticipate it to be more than just ashes. More than just ashes of all your dreams that were stolen by the night sky. But here you are, alive, finally, finally, alive in the sunrise. You’re in the now, where all the light of the world is finally eye to eye. Yes, it’s eye to eye with you and the only thing keeping you from blinking is the unreasonable reasoning that you never want to look away.

There are no clouds. There is no wind. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, blocking you from him. He is there, in all of his revivified glory. He is the sun. He is the reason you ever woke up from day one. He is the thing that has kept your worlds moving on their axes. He has finally rotated through enough successions to find himself in your horizon. He is here as a light you don’t recognize but one that is as familiar as the memory of who you are in the morning sun.

But you are not that anymore. No, you are stronger and livelier. You are the flame and he is the match that has no end. You see the fire dancing in his eyes like it was choreographed to your heart. Your soul sings the ballad and your smile joins only for the chorus. It’s the “hello” that bridges the song to the dance and it comes out silkier than smoke. The light collides with all the world’s fireflies and fireworks. You are face to face with the brightest star of them all.

There’s a light illuminating your surroundings, but it is in this moment that you have seen the sun. It is in this moment that you have unwaveringly, unswervingly, and unshakably seen love. In this moment you have seen it all. The beginning. The end. The only sunrise to matter is the one that rose, that bore, that started in your heart.


3 thoughts on “The Moment You Fall In Love

  1. I had written something and was about to send it when someone called in amd I lost it all. So here goes take 2:
    That was really amazingly spectacular and I am so happy for you Sonya.
    Now here’s my second attempt at the male perspective:
    You are so blinded by the light that is her presence that you cover your eyes and don’t believe it. You do everything you can to avoid it. But you know you will not let her get away.


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