About The Heartbreak

May 1, 2014


My story began somewhere between “sweet dreams” and “happily ever afters.” I’m a hopeless romantic who wears her heart on her sleeve as my favorite accessory. I’ve been told it’s my biggest strength, and my biggest weakness. I believe in love so fiercely that sometimes I force it more in my head than in my heart.


I grew up in Tampa, Florida under the roof of loving parents who came from Poland in theirs 20s. I wasn’t raised in a typical American fashion… I didn’t have hot dogs growing up, nor did I see Grease until High School. I had pierogi and Ich Troje. Yet, having foreign parents allowed me to see the beauty of traveling and learning a second language young.

Naturally, I always had big dreams. In Kindergarten, I “published” a book and got into the city newspaper smiling without my two front teeth. Then, in 7th grade I really did self-publish a book of poetry and sold it in the hallways. My love for writing was always a part of me, but at some point along my journey it became dormant.

Most recently in 2013, I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science in Advertising (GO GATORS). After the hell of the ride that was my college experience…My Big Dreams wanted to get me to the Big Apple.

I saw myself at a open-concept Manhattan ad agency. I saw myself living off of a little sleep but a lot of dreams. I saw a tiny apartment but a city full of opportunity. I saw a non-existant budget but priceless memories. Of course, sometimes things get in the way.

For me, that thing was love. I fell head over heels and threw out one future for another. And it actually inspired me to write again… for awhile. Now instead of dreaming of accounts I was dreaming of proposals. Then, life got in the way again. So once love got me to a strange city where I didn’t fit in – that love faded away with the writing, until now.

It left a residue of resentment on the streets I only knew from memories. It left the heart on my sleeve shattered and looking for words and a new home. But then an epiphany happened. And I’m happy to say that the shadow has lifted. Not only have I passed the acceptance stage but I have found relief.

Relief in landing my amazing job even when I was looking in the city for the wrong reason. Relief in being forced out of my comfort zone by living here. Relief in discovering a new world – my world.

It took exactly 11 months and 4 days to admit that I actually like Miami, but I do. It took 65 days of my #100daysofhappiness to admit that I am now happy. It took going through heartbreak to find my unhealthy obsession for writing once more… To the point that I find myself scribbling on napkins and coasters again. My wish is to instill hope in all those that have been lost in love as I was. Mainly, my goal it to inspire just one person to prevail.

So follow me along my single journey – whether personal or international. Now I am just a girl out looking for love and adventure. A girl who likes peppermint coffees, rainy days, rooftop bars and good reads. A girl who realized her strength only after being broken.

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54 thoughts on “About The Heartbreak

  1. What hiccups did you experience in the self publishing route? I must say, having your work published in a newspaper at the age of a kindergarten student, is pretty cool. It’s great to hear that your love for writing is back.


    • Hi One Gentleman. No hiccups! The company was rather small so it was really just publishing for myself. Self publishing doesn’t allow for much PR or recognition – at least not the way I went about it then :). Thank you for reading through my story!!


  2. I stumbled across your blog and I can say that I am so glad I did. Your writing is beautiful and exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for being able to put in words what I my heart cannot.


  3. In about three weeks I’m headed to the east coast as well for an exciting adventure (currently live in oregon) And I wrote a ton of poetry as a child too 🙂 never made a whole book but did get one poem published. We are similar and I can’t wait to read more.


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